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Issaries Inc's new Gloranthan roleplaying game Hero Wars is very interesting indeed. I think it might be the system I've been looking for since the early Nineties. Now just to get some players together and try it out for real...

Here are some things I've been working on which I think other people might find useful:


The Gloranthan Core Runes are currently not available as a True Type font from the Issaries Inc site, but a new and improved font is coming soon. Given the image quality of the last one this should be very good indeed, far better than anything I could produce.


I have also produced three fonts showing the Runes of the various gods and goddesses in the Storm Pantheon. Note that again official Issaries fionts are on their way (at which point this will be removed from the web) but I'm hoping that it's OK to leave these in place as a stop-gap resource until then.

Title Contents Posted Help
Orlanthi Runes Runes for Orlanth and his Subcults 24-Feb-2002 Click here for a crib sheet
Ernaldan Runes Runes for Ernalda and other Earth Goddesses, plus Chalana Arroy 25-Feb-2002 Click here for a crib sheet
Storm Tribe Runes Runes for the lesser Orlanthi dieties. 25-Feb-2002 Click here for a crib sheet

Here are two more fonts I've built using the runes shown in the Hero Wars rule book and the Glorantha book. They're rather more primitive than the fonts above, but they have some non Orlanthi runes which might be of use.:


The runes themselves are copyright Issaries Inc, and I expect official fonts (which will almost certainly look better than mine) to be published, at which point I'll link to them instead. I also expect that future Issaries publications will show us more runes, which will probably provoke me into building more fonts.

The fonts are windows TrueType fonts created with the excellent Font Creator Program available from High-Logic

If you'd like to be kept informed about revisions to these fonts and new ones being published, or you'd like to point out flaws in what's already here please mail me.

Hero Bands

Hero bands are groups of people active in the Hero Wars. They can be used as allies, as enemies or even as the basis for a campign.

Tostades Fort is home to a group of Lunar ex-Army types. They've come to Sartar to start a new life for themselves on the edge of the Empire. Is it their fault that they don't really know how to get on with the local Orlanthi clans? Or that their Fort is slap in the middle of what the clansmen claim is their hunting grounds?

Posted 24-Feb-2002

Players Briefings

One of the big problems in attracting new people to Glorantha is that there's just too much of it. The Glorantha supplement is great, and it is written in approachable manner, but still aims to cover twenty odd distinct cultures and their gods in only 256 pages. It's a good thing for the narrator, but it's too big and too diverse to give someone who doesn't know anything about Glorantha, but is looking for a game.

Player Briefings are aimed to fill this gap in the market.

The idea is to have something that you can hand out to potential players which can be quickly read, giving them a feel for the sort of game you want to run. If the briefing interests them they can be given the Glorantha book or the appropriate players book, but don't overpower them until they've shown some interest.

Players Briefings are written with the assumption that campaigns are to be no more than Moderately Open (rooted in a particular culture if not entirely driven by one culture).

The Briefings

Sartarite Orlanthi

Sartarite Lunar (still working on it)

Other briefings will be written as I get my head around the cultures involved. If you have suggestions or spot faults in what's here then please mail me.

If anyone else would like to contribute Player Briefings then mail me. I'd be happy to post other people's work on this site, or link to your own sites if you'd prefer.

Cults & Keywords

Characters in Hero Wars are defined by Keywords, a broad sweeping term that covers a shed load of implications. Warrior for example implies that a character knows how to use a sword, fight from horseback and stay awake on sentry duty. As I come up with new keywords for my game I'll be posting them here. Other new keywords can be found on the official Hero Wars web site - they might post something which disagrees with mine, in which case read through both and decide which best fits your vision of the character.

The three types of Keywords are Culture (The environment in which the character grew up), Occupation (What the character does) and Magic (The character's connection with the gods, spirits and forces which dominate Gloranthan life).

Magic Keywords

The Cult of Molanni. Molanni is the niece of Orlanth, the Storm god. She had a child by Yelm, the Sun Emperor, and this child became Daga, the god of Drought. Orlanth's worshippers condemn Molanni as a whore, but her devotees tell the story a little differently.


Roll up, Roll up! See the true Red Moon.

Hero Wars and Glorantha are both the Trademark of Issaries, Inc., and are used with their permission. Issaries, Inc. is the Trademark of Issaries, Inc.

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